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If you plan to move this summer, your housing research should start soon.
Just like buying a property, renting an apartment or house must be planned and requires preparations that should not be neglected .


These Are the Top Questions to Ask During your visits :


What services or commodities are included in this price?

This will largely depend on your landlord and the type of apartment building in which you live ( Pool, Spa, Lockers ..etc ) Make sure your written agreement or lease clearly says what is included and what is not included.

question to ask during house visit

Are appliances provided or available upon request?

When you sign the rental agreement, it will be identified if the appliances are included within the rental fee. Appliances that are commonly included are the washer, dryer, dishwasher, stove, and refrigerator.If appliances are included, who takes care of maintenance? 

question to ask during house visit

Will the rent be increasing next year ?

In most cases, your landlord can only raise your rent by a percentage called the “guideline” 

question to ask during house visit

What type of heating is used and is the -cost included in the rent?

No matter what type of heating equipment is there, your landlord must keep it working properly so it can keep your place warm enough , make sure to ask if that cost is included in the rent.

question to ask during house visit

Will the walls be repainted?

In many cases landlords will have to deal with paint at some point in their management and maintenance duties. 

question to ask during house visit

Is the building well insulated?

Think of the building as a structure with an exterior, or shell. Well insulated shell means that there is an insulation barrier between the interior of the building and the outside environment. 


Are animals allowed?

Many landlords are not fond of the idea of you bringing your cat or dog into the house, particularly if it’s an already furnished place. With that said, clear this question before you are stuck with an apartment that forces you to part with your beloved pet. 


Are there building-specific rules and regulations?

It’s wise to discuss rules and regulations upfront and ask the landlord to document them in the lease.


Is parking spot included?

If you have a car, you’ll definitely need to be apprised of what your parking options are (if any). Is parking included? Is there an additional fee every month? And if there’s not parking at the building: what are your other options?

question to ask during house visit