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It is no longer news that that outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has literally put the whole world to a standstill. To curb the spread of the virus, the government has ordered the closure of companies and institutions that offer non essential services.

This means that real estate and mortgage brokers can no longer be in physical contact with their clients, collaborators and colleges thus.They can no longer carry out their activities as effectively as they used to. More 3D tours, and remote signings is How coronavirus is changing home-buying this spring.

Home sellers are canceling open houses. Lenders are extending the time it takes to close a deal. Realtors are skipping the live walkthrough, giving video tours instead.


Real estate search site Zillow says that the number of 3D home tours created with its software has skyrocketed. Surging 215% as compared to the volume seen before the virus’s outbreak.


Can I contact my Broker to put my house up for sale ?


YES You can. Although there have been some adjustment in the requirements necessary for the signing of a brokerage contract, you can still sign them through the use of partial cyber marketing and remotely. Due to the restriction placed on physical contact and gatherings, it might not be possible to meet physically. There might not be room for physical visits to premises, physical verification of identity and property documents. Brokers are therefore advised to improvise by using technological tools to carry out as many of these verifications as possible. Meetings can be scheduled with through the use of tools such as facetime, skype and others. You can also sign important documents by using electronic signatures. Taking of interior pictures, measurement of property, or any other activity that might require physical contact is temporarily prohibited.

It is however important to know that these changes are temporary and that once the movement restrictions have been lifted by the government, the normal verification of properties and important documents are to be vigorously made by brokers before the property can be put fully on the market.

Steps Required to Sign a New Brokerage contract During the COVID-19 Pandemic

To sign the brokerage contract, here are the necessary steps the Real Estate Broker and the Seller are required to follow.

  • Since the seller might not have full information on the changes that have taken place, it is the responsibility of the broker to explain the impact of the lockdown on the real estate industry. The broker should also explain the temporary changes that have been made to signing a brokerage contact. While including the fact that the listing will be partial, and that the verification needed to complete the detailed description sheet will be done later when the restrictions have been lifted.

  • The broker must add a clause to the brokerage contract (Under the Other Conditions section), and the clause must state:

Due to the fact that this contract is signed during the COVID19 pandemic and during the total lockdown ordered by the federal government of Quebec to tackle the pandemic, there will be no physical contact between the REAL ESTATE BROKER and the SELLER until the total lockdown order is reversed by the government. As a result of the restriction, this property will only be listed partially. Therefore, taking of indoor photos and measurement of the property in question will not be possible. Also, only virtual visit of the property is allowed.

  • For this contract to be signed, the seller is required to send all document necessary for the broker to enter into the brokerage contract. The detailed description sheet which the broker will receive should contain information the broker will be able to verify using proper reliable and accurate sources. The description sheet should therefore contain as many detailed information as possible. The description sheet will be completed and the listing will be normalized as soon as the isolation order is lifted.

  • The broker is required to add any necessary detailed description sheet, website or any other information dissemination system to the contract. This is to ensure that the client is adequately information on the contract about to be signed.

  • The broker is also required to verify identities remotely, without breaking any of the rules and restriction given by the public health service.

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