5 Benefits of Listing Your Home in the Spring
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5 Benefits of Listing Your Home in the Spring

This is the season of “For Sale” signs – spring is the hottest time of year for real estate, and Quebec home sellers have an even stronger market to look forward to this year. It’s wise to list as early as possible in the spring to get ahead of your competition.

The best possible timing is listing when there are less properties on the market, but plenty of motivated buyers searching. If you wait until late spring, your home may be up against a significant amount of competition.

Here’s few reasons why spring is a great time to move forward with listing your home in the market:

Warmer Weather Makes Buyers Active:

Spring is the undisputed champion of seasons for selling a home. Not only are flowers in bloom and the sky blue for some great marketing photos, but also people are chomping at the bit to start the closing process so they can move in and get settled before fall.

The Market Is in the Right Place:

A combination of low interest rates and low single-family housing inventory means there are a lot of eager homebuyers forced to compete for what’s on the market.

There Are Plenty of Buyers

Just a few years ago, millennials were brand-new to homebuying, but they’ve since become a staple demographic of the real estate market. With them, the real estate industry has evolved to better utilize technology and data to help home shoppers search for available homes. Now when a real estate agent lists a house on the local multiple listing service, it also gets picked up by consumer-facing portals like Centris, realtor.ca, and social media and Redfin to reach homebuyers directly.

Better Curb Appeal.

 As the sun begins to warm the dormant winter soil, trees blossom, tulip bulbs bloom and strategically placed flowerboxes shine. Spring unfurling sets a pretty stage for your home to look its best and draw the attention of potential buyers. Take advantage of the warmer weather to elevate the look of your home’s façade, front entry and landscaping.

Longer Days.

Our clocks spring forward in March and the days get longer, but in a good way. The simple fact that there are more hours of daylight means more time for potential buyers to view your home in a day. That boosts the number of eyes on your property and ups your odds of landing a desirable offer.


If you are thinking of selling your home this spring, don’t delay! It’s time to start getting it ready  and don’t forget, it’s never too early to contact your agent!