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Are you looking for your next home ? Create your Wish-list now

Many people are spending more time in their homes now days , and it is a go time to look around your home and find out what you like about your home. It is the best time to figure out your preferences for an ideal home.

If you are looking to change your home during this time, and you don’t know where to start? You can start to plan now, and take extreme care in determining what you truly want by looking at how the current trends are evolving. For example; you now want a home with stairs so, you can keep moving while you stayed at home or the courtyard that was optional now it is a must to have some open space inside your home.

I  have pulled the heavy load for you and made things a bit simple, below is a list of questions that you can ask yourself while starting to plan to change your current home with the one you would love to live in. 

You need to decide what is working for you or not?

  • What’s its best quality?

  • On a scale of 0 to 100 points how much do you like your current home and why?

  • And what are the drawbacks of your current homes?

  • And what are your home style requirements, are you looking for a modern home or something antique that fits and suits your personality?

  • What’s your favorite room, and what makes spending time there pleasurable?

  • What’s are your favorite spots in the home and why you choose it?

How do you feel about the home when you are in it?

  • How much usable space do you have inside the home?

  • Does the flooring plan suit your needs? For example; is it more open floor then compartmentalized?

  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms you have that are useless?

  • Do you like a home with multiple floors or just one ground floor with everything?

  • Do you like the windows? and other things about the natural lighting in the house?

  • Are you satisfied with the ventilation of the home?

  • Do you like the fixtures and finishes?

  • Are you satisfied with the fixtures and finishes in the home?

  • Do you home have rooms for a specific purpose? Or you wished you had one such as a home office, workout room, laundry room or mudroom)?

What about the exterior of the house? Do you like it?

  • If you have an outdoor space how usable for you it is?

  • If you don’t have an outdoor space, do you want one?

  • Do you love to take care of your yard or just don’t go to the yard for days?

  • Does your home have a curb appeal, if it is done do you like it?

  • Does it have enough parking space? Are you satisfied with it?

  • How does it cost to maintain the home for example; the cost of paint and other costs?

  • Do you like a pool in your home or not? 

So, what is your neighborhood like? Our community connections being good here or not?

  • Are you satisfied with your neighborhood? Think about all the things people get in a neighborhood including walkability, parks, nearby activities, density, neighbor involvement, and noise level.

  • Do you travel too far to attend a friend or your workplace or just to get a doctor’s appointment?

  • Do you like to travel to these locations?

  • Are there enough locations where you occasionally visit?

  • Do you know all the people who live within your area and how social people are?

  • Do you like people in your vicinity? are they are easy-going?

  • Do they follow the rules and respect each other’s privacy?